Companies need to listen to the richest source of insight available to them – their customers; the statistics show that customers are willing to share their feedback, if only they’re given the opportunity.

By investing in a truly customer-centric culture, built around understanding the emotions driving customer behaviour, you can establish a real, competitive advantage. But how do you ensure your team is as customer-focused as it should be?

The key is to create Ravers; not just in your customer base but with your employees too. By investing time in their frontline teams – understanding what drives them and ensuring they’re engaged, businesses will see shifts in the workings of their team. In order to achieve that, employees need to be empowered. There also needs to be a good level of transparency; frontline agents need to be well trained and they need feedback on the service they’re providing. Combined, this gives them better awareness about their role within the organisation and its importance. Employee engagement is key; great customer service starts with great employees, so talk to them, share feedback and help them improve.

Companies must provide for, and support, their staff by installing the right systems. These are what directly affect the service that teams can, and are willing to, deliver. If they feel knowledgeable, positive and empowered, they will be motivated to do the best job they possibly can, meaning customers receive great quality service.