Below, Bain presents HR Grapevine with four tips organisations must remember when it comes to employee engagement:


“Gamification is an approach that improves employee engagement; aligning individual behaviours and characteristics with those of the wider organisation. At its most basic level it involves turning work tasks into games by introducing a healthy level of competition,” says Bain.

And, there are multiple ways to introduce gamification; a company could install an interactive leader board which ranks employees in terms of performance, or a dashboard that features real-time customer feedback. “This type of gamification is fun and interactive; staff can view and assess their own feedback and see where they rank amongst their peers, as well as within their department or the organisation in its entirety,” he says.


Companies will find it much easier to keep their teams aligned if they share their objectives and strategies.

“By sharing plans and celebrating achievements together the whole organisation can get excited and individuals will feel like they are part of the bigger picture,” Bain argues. “This transparency allows agents to realise their role within the company.” Couple this with honest feedback and staff can develop a clearer idea of what customers like about what they’re doing, and conversely with negative responses, work on those areas in need of improvement.


“Empowering frontline agents is about providing them with a clear framework to work within, but with flexibility. It’s not about throwing away the rulebook,” he continues. “The definition of why and how they do things should remain, but they must feel they have some power to use their personal skills to adapt their interactions.”

This, Bain argues, is about giving employees a real sense of purpose and demonstrating to them the power they have in creating great customer experiences. “If they feel trusted and have the power to solve problems, companies will see them taking pride in their role and the results will speak for themselves,” he says.