CX measurement

Chief Revenue Officer, Phil Evans, kicked off proceedings with a look at the trends that are currently changing the CX measurement landscape. He set out by painting a picture of today’s empowered consumers rejecting traditional surveys in this ‘Age of Emotion’.

Surveys are designed for the company and not the customer. Customers want to tell a brand exactly how they made them feel and why, and the restrictive nature of traditional surveys simply do not allow this.

He also looked at how the proliferation of communication channels has radically altered the way that consumers are interacting with brands, highlighting how crucial it is for CX measurement to tap into this in order to stay relevant.

Chief Technology Officer, Steven Thurlow and VP of Innovation, Hardeep Johal, illustrated how to do exactly that with their much anticipated ‘Big Reveal’ session. They introduced Rant and Rave’s latest innovation – their always on, customer initiated, feedback capture method – designed to work seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and text messages.

Rather than focus solely on text, the solution can understand images, videos, and emojis – however the customer wants to communicate. To take things a step further they also introduced ‘Ravebot’ – a ‘chatbot with a heart’ which is able to send contextually relevant and empathetic responses. This is an industry first.