"Our partnership will enable them to have an even greater understanding of their global customer base, what’s important to them and how the Fortnum & Mason experience makes them feel."

Zia Zareem-Slade, customer Eeperience director at Fortnum & Mason, said: "A quality experience and service is synonymous with the Fortnum & Mason brand and as such understanding how customers feel about us is a key priority.

"With a discerning customer base, it’s vital we know what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better – and most importantly in real-time.

"We decided to work with Rant & Rave because we know that they understand the importance of capturing how the customer is feeling and in the moments that matter.

"We are confident that these insights will enable us to make strategic and tactical business decisions allowing us to evolve and enhance the customer experience we are known for."